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Joy Beeson November 30th 19 04:02 PM

Route-marking basics



This may seem simple enough but it’s an important detail that very
often gets neglected. I go on about this subject for a while here. If
you don’t read it all, at least remember these things next time you
mark a route:

1) In three seconds, a bicycle traveling 15 miles per hour will
go 66 feet; at 25 mph – 110 feet. It takes a few seconds for a
rider to see, process, and react to your directional arrows.

2) Consider how fast your guests will be riding. Put yourself in
the event. Assume they have no idea where you want them to go.

3) Put your LAST warning mark at least 50-60 feet (20-25 long
paces) before any feature that requires riders to make a
decision (intersections, mainly).

4) Give riders at least two warnings before an intersection,
three or more if there’s something unusual about it like
highways, turns at the bottom of hills, blind corners, etc.
Give them one mark on the other side so they know they’re on
the right path.

5) Make your marks at least 150 feet apart (50 long paces).

6) Use the same color, style, and size for every single mark you
put on the road.

7) If you must hide them discretely on the edge of the pavement,
put ALL of them there so your riders get used to looking in
the same place.

8) Be consistent. Think like a rider at speed. Think about what
it feels like to be there. Be considerate and thoughtful.


Joy Beeson, U.S.A., mostly central Hoosier,
some Northern Indiana, Upstate New York, Florida, and Hawaii
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