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Joy Beeson March 28th 21 03:19 AM


Yesterday, I rode to Sprawlmart to renew my driver's license.
I couldn't see anything in the eye test, but she passed me anyway.
But I find "BF" on my restrictions: B wear glasses, F use outside

I know deaf people are required to have outside mirrors, but the BMV
site states clearly that that restriction is based on the results of
the eye exam. Both our motor vehicles have outside mirrors, and I
don't recall seeing a motor vehicle that didn't, so the "F" doesn't

My orange linen niquab was missing, so I put the white gauze niqab I
wear to church into my pannier, very carefully.

Later, wanting to cross the parking lot from a store to Taco Bell, I
discovered that I can ride in the niqab, and I don't even have to pin
it to my shirt. So I wore it all the way home, and now I need to make
a niqab held up by a do rag. I can test the idea by basting a veil to
an existing do rag -- and come to think of it, I have two do rags; I
can repurpose the white one.

I'll have to try the linen niqab, but I made it shorter than the
pattern suggested. (I dis-assembled all the handkerchief niqabs, so
those two and a muslin failure are all that are left.)

The orange niqab was lying on the garage floor when I got back. I
must not have looked at my parking space after moving the bike.

I dared to go into a shoe store and found thick-soled, lace-to-the-toe
sandals, and one pair was size eight. An inch stuck out beyond the
end of my toes, but sandals that are wide enough are nearly always too
long, and at least the instep wasn't pushed out to the ball, there was
a lot of rubber on the closed toe to flip a pedal with, and it would
be easy to replace the elastic with shoelaces.

And thirty dollars is fairly cheap these days, though my
forties-formed values still object to sandals costing as much as

I'd gone so far as to put my old sandals in the box, and was putting
the new ones on while reflecting that I'd have to wait until I paid
for them to take off the tag when I realized that despite the cutesy
adjusting slider (which does actually work) the laces were pure
decoration over a non-adjustable upper.

The next time I buy food at Taco Bell, I'll take it to Tasty Freeze,
which isn't open yet and didn't take in the picnic tables for the
winter. I don't like to wear outdoor clothing inside, even when
eating outside means that my food gets cold before I unwrap it.

All future jerseys are going to have separating zippers -- not so that
I can take them off in stores, but because it's getting harder and
harder to pull a shirt on over my head. Not that I expect to live
long enough for "make a new jersey" to come to the top of my to-do
list. It took nearly a year to make the current one, so I'll patch it
when it wears through. And I don't think the jacketing jersey that I
can wear only on *very* cold days will ever wear out.

I'd really like a wool-flannel jersey for next winter, but that can be
only if I find a dressmaker who is taking new clients -- and if I can
find washable-wool flannel. There might be a stash of H2O flannel in
a warehouse somewhere.

Joy Beeson
joy beeson at centurylink dot net

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