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Gemma_k October 6th 05 09:26 AM

[ADEL] Come and Try Track Sessions (for Kids ((and big kids)
In Adelaide every Sunday this month...
Come and Try Sessions at Hanson Reserve Velodrome for Junior Cyclists

The first Sunday went really well last week, with the children having a ride
on the track and learing basic skills, as well as getting to meet some
inspirational cycling personalities including Alexis Rhodes (AIS women's
team & bouncing back from terrible injuries) and AWD World Rcord holder
Angela Fleming. Sausage sizzle also highly recommended.

Please pass the flyer on to anyone you think may be interested.

For the 'big kids' (errr... adults) wanting some single-speed fixie action,
the first track race of the season was held last Saturday and racing will be
held nearly every Saturday till the end of summer. New riders welcome,
including those wanting to try the fixie out on the track during warm up
only (Full license is reqd to race, regular training-only riders need only
the 'ride it' licence).


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