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Tºm Shermªn™ °_°[_2_] May 15th 11 02:29 PM

Substitute for V-brake pad question (kool stop)
On 5/15/2011 2:11 AM, Çhâlõ Çólîñã wrote:
pH wrote:

My Easy Racer is equipped with V-brakes.

The way it's set up, the thin-line pads seems to be a pretty steep
contact angle and wear quickly on one side as a result (say, top vs.

I've moved the rim a bit forward with the screw stops in the dropout
to enable a more square contact w/ the pad, but still not happy with
the wear.

My Question:
Is there any reason I cannot substitute the Kool Stop
- Eagle II threaded post pads OR
- so-called "Mountain" pads (appear to be v brake style) OR
- something called "Phat pads"
-something else called "supra" pads

All of the above are kool-stop brand.
I am soliciting opinions on this.

Using a different pad will not help. The differential wear you
describe is corollary to the angle of incidence of the pad on the rim,
which is in turn a function of brake boss spacing and rim width.

The brake pads don't move straight in towards the rim sidewalls. They
rotate around the brake pivots. If the pivots are widely spaced, or
the rim is narrow, then the angle between the approach of the brake
pads and the rim sidewalls will necessarily be indirect. It makes no
difference how thick or thin the brake pads are, or how close or
distant they are from the brake arms. The dimensions of interest are
only the locations of the brake bosses with respect to the rim

You can improve the incidency angle of pad on rim by using a much
wider rim, or by using a brake that has a parallelogram mechanism to
bring the pads more directly towards the rim sidewalls. But just
fooling around with different pads will not cause them to wear more

P.S. - Your bike has far more profound problems than brake pad wear.
I would think atrocious ungainly handling, and being regularly
unrinated upon by dogs and humans, would be of much more urgent

pH's bicycle lacks the problem of having a tiny saddle wedged up the
rider's arse. It will also *not* dump the rider on his/her face at
inopportune moments, such as Chalo himself has reported to us happening
on his horsey position bicycles.

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I am a vehicular cyclist.

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