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Default Seattle's Final Solution To The Bicycle Problem

Meet my next door neighbor. He had a brain injury when he was sixteen from a motorcycle accident. The human part of his brain no longer functions, just the reptile part. He hates everyone and would like to see everyone suffer like him. He is demonically posessed and criminally insane. He has five million dollars that his parents gave him to spend on attorneys to ruin my life. He has plenty of money to buy his way out of any prosecution from any crime he commits. He cannot live with his brothers family because he would abuse their children. He hates me because I can do things he cannot. He can only stand around his house drinking beer and watching me. He wants everyone to be like him and get a disability check and do no work. He complains to anyone he can about me because he wants my life ruined. He calls the city about everything I do and makes sure I have to obey every law there is. I have to watch how I park my car, what I can do on my property, and what activities I can do at home. My life is always expecting a notice in the mail from any number of government agencies that a complaint has been received that I must comply to code enforcement. I have been able in the past to comply with these regulations. Now I find that he will win this one. He made a false complaint that I have a rat infestation on my property. I have no rats since I worked in Ballard where there are plenty of rats that I had to deal with. I know how to keep rats away. The local Seattle government does not care if I have rats. They only believe the lies my neighbor tells them. They consider me guilty without giving me any chance to prove I have no rats. Soon they will make me remove everything I own from my property because they call it rat harborage. If I do not get rid of everything I own and leave my place empty they will fine me $250 a day and take everything I own to the landfill. This is the City of Seattle where there are homeless camps everywhere, property crime like burglaries, car thefts and prowls are worse that anywhere in the USA except San Francisco. On top of that the local government tries all it can do to steal money from anyone they can thru criminal bureaucracy. We have the highest costs for building permits where two hundred inspections are required for every new building or home. The business owners here are fed up with all the crime and the government lack of law enforcement. The sheer arrogance of public bureaucrats to treat all the business owners like criminals makes life here worse. My business friends are all telling me to tell the health department to go ---- themselves. I may not make it thru this mess and will lose everything I have worked for because of a government genocide pogramme. If something happens to me this is why. If someone in your neighborhood reports you for code enforcement, move out before you lose everything you own. Recumbent content, I know how to make bents climb hills better that regular bikes.

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