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On Sun, 12 Sep 2004 14:57:10 +1000, Chris Brown wrote:

justen Wrote:
Paladin wrote:


Pool party at CBro's!

justen at cable one dot net

Bring your bike and a towel. Better yet, take me up to Stack Rock,
and you can swim all you want. I'll provide refreshments. Amazing how
the "secret handshake" for some of those high country trails is kept
*secret.* Guess I've been invited half a dozen times, but it's always
when I couldn't make it.

I don't know how hot it got today, but it sure felt good to jump in.
It's extra deep for an above-ground. About 54". That's the trampoline
next to the pool with the blue cover on it. Fun but dangerous combo.

o well.


I'm in! But w/ the rain today it's tubbin' for me.


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