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Default SKS RENNKOMPRESSOR: A superior, recommended floor pump

On 12/6/2018 2:50 PM, Frank Krygowski wrote:
On 12/6/2018 1:14 PM, wrote:
On Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 3:26:02 PM UTC+1, Andre Jute wrote:
A floor pump I really like, to the extent that we have two of them,
is the SKS Rennkompressor. It has several available heads, but the
best one is a double-hole head with a flip lever; I imagine that it
won't last as long as the also available brass and steel heads, and
that in a few years the plastic and rubber double-hole head will have
to be replaced, but that doesn't bother me, as I have spare parts
laid in, and the Rennkompressor is famous for having been rebuildable
for about half a century now. It's an aesthetically, kinesthetically
and operationally pleasing pump and, of course, its speed leaves
those miniature abominations curled up and dying in its dust, which
helps a lot if you're trying to fill 622x60mm Big Apples.

On this page
you can see the pump, same as you see on the TdF, all it's four heads
-- the one I like, called the Multi Valve, is second from the left
(as I say, likely the least long-lived but also the most convenient)
and below that you can click for the amazingly complete available
replacement parts list.

Mine came from one of the two German dealers I like and cost about 50
Euro delivered to my door in Ireland.

None of the spares I laid in have been required in the ten years or
so since I bought the pumps, and people who bought them on my
recommendation are also very pleased with the SKS Renkompressor. The
only criticism I ever heard is that the analogue manometer dial near
the folding footplate is distant and small and not very finely
graduated for those who want to pump up balloons and other
low-pressure tyres because the pump is primarily intended for putting
15 or 16 bar in narrow racing tyres with a couple of quick strokes.
That doesn't bother me, because by the time I want to use the pump
I'm wearing my cycling spectacles, which are optimized to making eye
contact with a motorist entering from a T-junction 30 or 40 feet
away, so I have no problem reading the dial, and I'm a belt and
braces man who anyway checks with an electronic gauge as well.

A superior, recommended floor pump.

Andre Jute
There's a reason so many racing teams use the SKS Rennkompressor

Mine is 32 years old.

So is my Nashbar floor pump. It's somewhere around that age, anyway.

A floor pump isn't a very complicated item. It's easy to get them right.
There are not many components that wear, and there's no real motivation
to save grams and thus make it fragile.

I think I replaced my hose and head after about 25 years. I switched to
a Topeak "smart" head that clamps on either a presta or schrader valve,
no adjustment necessary. I find that's sometimes slightly unreliable,
requiring jiggling it a little to get it to work right.

But the pump itself is fine.

But I suppose if you're into conspicuous consumption, there's this:

- Frank Krygowski

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