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Default SKS RENNKOMPRESSOR: A superior, recommended floor pump

On Friday, December 7, 2018 at 10:03:44 AM UTC-5, Joerg wrote:

It's all a trade-off between muscular pumping and more strokes. Just
like mashing versus spinning on a bicycle. Some people do not like or
can't handle a pump with high volume per stroke, especially once they
get to the 100psi range.

Regards, Joerg

I remember having the Zefal MTB frame pump. It was fantastic for pumping up t he high volume low pressure MTB tires but what a pain to pump up a high pressure road bike tire.

Then again I once used it to pump up a guy's full-size car tire enough to get him to a gas station without cutting the car tire. That Zefal MTB pump was very rugged and durable. It was very similar to the silver aluminium body road bike pump = HP if I remember. The HP was fantastic too. I had one that I salvaged after it was run over by a car. I drove a dowel the same diameter as the bore of the pump down the inside of the pump and then reinstalled the pump handle (after removing the dowel of course) and that pump worked for many years after. I sold it with a bicycle.


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