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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

"marika" wrote in message

"Edward Dolan" wrote in message

No, you do not deserve me. You deserve a big Black buck. Only the size of
their dick would satisfy you. I am a Great Saint and you are unworthy of
me - you harlot!

ed how can I make this clear, I don't want you. You are mentally ill to be
saying any of this, wishing violence on someone is generally a symptom of

If I thought you wanted me and could actually get me, I would have to blow
my brains out. I am a thousand times too good for the likes of a scum bucket
like you. You are a harlot and I am a Great Saint!

Because you believe heterogeneity in a nation is a good thing.

it's impossible to believe the opposite. because there is no such thing
and never will be

Japan is the most homogenous nation in the world. They don't like foreigners
and that makes a lot of sense to me too.

I know you are a ****ing female bitch and I don't give a good god damn
about the color of your skin. Rape by a Negro would be good for you
because that is the one thing that cures liberal females of their
delusions about the equality of mankind. What else do I ever have to know
about you? Unless and until you become like the Blessed Virgin Mary, I
can never have any respect for you.


um, the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of those middle easterners that you
keep ranting about and calling filth. not sure why you have made an
exception as to her.

The Blessed Virgin Mary was NOT a Muslim! Frankly, I would like to see all
the Arab Muslims kicked backed into the Arabian Peninsula from whence they
came some centuries ago. They are a primitive, barbaric race not fit to
associate with civilized Christians and Jews.


Ed Dolan the Great - Minnesota
Saint Edward the Great - Order of the Perpetual Sorrows - Minnesota


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