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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

"Edward Dolan" wrote in message

Then why are you posting messages to a newsgroup which has a personal name
attached to it when you don't know anything about that person?

I have known Lester for ten years now.
However, I do not know the person who created the newsgroup, nor who named
him a legend. I do not know anything about that

Let's eliminate this lester-mosley **** since it means absolutely nothing
to me.

Let's eliminate you since you mean nothing to anyone

What is your home group anyway?

There's no such thing as a home group. Look how many groups you have
crossposted this to and you claim none of them as your home


"though Inman could not recall whether Swimmer had told him what else might
be involved in reaching that healing realm, Cold Mountain nevertheless
soared in his mind as a place where all his scattered forces might gather.
Inman did not consider himself to be a superstitious person, but he did
believe that there is a world invsible to us, He no longer thought of that
world as heaven, nor did he still think that we got to go there when we
die"--Cold Mountain, Charles Frazier


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