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news18 wrote:
On Thu, 12 Apr 2018 21:55:34 +0000, Zebee Johnstone wrote:

o that means 250 if pedelec as far as I can see. Which is the same as
the guy at Sydney Electric Bikes told me, that is the throttle is
supposed to only give 200W but the pedal assist can be up to 250.

I think he was trying to pass off old stock. The law in NSW was max 200w,
but it was relatively recently increased to 250W in line with limits else

It was Victoria that at one stage had a rule that power assist could only
work if the rider was also pedalling. That rule has since been removed.

BTW, we've done this before that last time numbchum asked this question.

I was after the latest laws IE proof, not an opinion, numnuts, I had
been told that you could not have a throttle unless you pedaled and a
statement from an unknown individual saying the opposite without
reference would not cut it and may not believed just as I did not
believe the bloke I was talking to.

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