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news18 wrote:
On Fri, 13 Apr 2018 20:24:15 +0000, Zebee Johnstone wrote:

So you stamp it. Hint, those links say it must meet a European Enbike
standard, it doesn't say it has to be one, aka EU commercial product.

Sure, you can create a label. You could probably create a fairly good
looking one and that would work.

Exactly. Hint, plenty of people build their own trailer and stamp the
require details onto it.

It's still illegal if the bike provides more power than 250W sustained
when pedalling

Pathetic attempt at goal post shifting.

and 200W throttle only.

I have heard but can't verify that a motor rated at more than 250W can
be restricted by the manufacturer to 250 continuous but have more torque
so shift more weight faster up to the rated speed.

Hint, duty cycle and think PWM or similar when power is applied for a
fraction of a second each second or such. When e-bikes first came out,
controls were limited to basic off and on or wasteful variable
resistance. Overtime, the ability to "switch" greater current has become
easier so you can source a simpler circuit to switch 17-21amps
([email protected]) or higher.

I expect that at some point soonish some twonk on an e-bike, hotted up
or no, will kill a ped on a shared path, or illegally riding on a

This is basically why they banned ICEs. Plenty were way over powered but
labelled as if they were not. ICEs were popular with the ones who had
lost their licence for DUI and not the usual adult bicycle rider, who
didn't object to their noisy machines and their "riders" being taken off
the road and rare bike path. There was also the issue that plenty had no
clutch and could not safely stop.

Anyway, the OP never offers any reason why they keep posting this
question, which is why I couldn't be arsed answering it.

I have offered reason in another post but did not need to when my
original post asked for the laws

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