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Default Reputable e-trike supplier around Sydney?

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news18 wrote:
On Fri, 19 Oct 2018 22:17:39 +0000, Zebee Johnstone wrote:

Thank you for all the info.
At this point, for a first choice, I'll probably go the E-gomier choice
for a minimal first dip and once the purse string loosen look at

THings I found about the Gomier

Mum wanted a coaster brake like the one she had as a kid. Also her
hands aren't that strong so hand brakes not as good. However this
means that gearing is not very adjustable and her trike is geared very
low. Good for hills and someone who isn't in to going fast but ensure
the gearing on your trike matches your needs.

The pedal sensor on the generic front hub is just on/off. So you
pedal and it pushes, very hard to modulate speed. I learned how to
manage it fairly quickly (I rode it home) but she found it too hard
and I disconnected it.

The handling of an upright trike on Sydney's roads and paths can be a
bit interesting. You really notice the road camber and any ramps you
have to cross at an angle.

It is also a real pain in those tight S bend road crossing things they
have on the Cook's River path. Because the wheels are behind you it
takes a lot of practice to get cleanly through those 90 deg turns.

If you want speed and distance, then bite the bullet and get a 'bent.
There is really no comparison between the recumbent and the upright as
regards getting from place to place if they are more than a couple of
km apart. If you are just wanting something for a km or two in the
local area at gentle pace while easily carrying things then the Gomier
works well.

You can take the Gomier longer than that, I rode it from Dulwich Hill
light rail to Campsie and lived to tell the tale but it was a bit
scary on some of the downhills, really liked to follow the camber into
the curb and was hard to steer away from that. The low gearing
meant getting it to the 25kmh cutoff was quite hard work on the flat.

If you want to try one before buying and you are able to get to
Campsie I can give you a ride on hers. My email address is valid.



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