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Tim Lines
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Tim Lines wrote:

Kurgan Gringioni wrote:

With maximum team effort, how long do you suppose CSC could keep that
jersey? It'll be gone after the TTT no matter what they do.

With Zabriskie, Voigt, Julich and Basso, and Disco missing Ekimov,
that is not assured. A while back, an expert panel of RBR analysts


concluded that cumulative prologue times are a pretty good predictor
of TTT rank. CSC won the teams classification today, but by only a
hair over Disco.

CSC's willingness to defend the jersey probably depends on how
much the sprinters' teams help them reel in the breaks. CSC would
have to keep breaks close enough that teams like QS and Davitolottomon
feel it's worthwhile to pull for the last N kms of a stage.

This makes sense to me. I'd hate to see them put in a lot of unaided
team effort for Zabriskie. Doing so would jeopardize their ability to
provide the best possible support for Basso later on. That's why
you're suggesting they'll be dependent on help from the sprinters teams,
I'm sure.

Too bad T-Mob left Zabel at home!


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