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Default Mt. Washington BC

Ok so i've been in seattle for the summer and only recently returned to
my home, and a reliable internet connection, on salt Spring Island BC,
recently and me and some 2-wheeler pals went up to the local mountain,
well more local than whistler, Mt. Washington. i had heard from several
people that Mt. Washington was very open to Unicyclists Riding down its
majestic Slopes. however upon purchasing a lift ticket, blazing through
the slalom course to the lift i was informed Unicycles were not allowed
on the mountain. when i enquired with the summer manager he informed me
that unicycles are too hard to control because they do not have brakes!
needless to say he was not a unicyclist. I dont know what needs to be
done to change this policy but i would like to petition anyone reading
this post to write a nasty (or at least informative) email to Mt.
Washington through the use of their Inquiry form that can be found at
'this address' ( .
They need to understand that if you are going fast enough on a unicycle
to need brakes to stop yourself, the speed wobble would kill you (see
the espn coverage of Unicon XII Muni competition if you haven't
experienced this for yourself). I will be mounting brakes on my newly
acquired (and for a hundred dollars less!) Onza 24" muni purely, well
maybe not purely, for the sake of being able to tell them to take their
rule and....well you know the drill. any help in this matter would be
greatly appreciated and would help advance the sport of Muni so i can
stop answering the stupid questions asking if i can actually ride down
the mountain bike trails!

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