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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

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A hermit simply prefers his own company to that of others and
is alone a lot. Artifacts like computers and the Internet are

Not a very compelling argument

You don't prefer your own company to that of others. If you preferred
your own then you wouldn't be here arguing with other people. The
computer would be of no interest to you if it were not populated with
people whom you could deride and feel superior to. In order for you to
have a sense of self you need these others to compare yourself to.

Poor Marika does not understand anything. Does Tom Sherman exist? Does
JimmyMac exist? Does Marika exist? Not to me they don't. They are merely
printed words that I read on a Usenet newsgroup. The real danger for us
hermits is not the non-existence of others, but of our own non-existence.
seems the sense of my own reality becomes more ephemeral with each passing
year. It cannot be healthy to be always talking to only oneself, so that
why I burden the rest of you with my mutterings. How else will I know if I

The operational word here is BURDEN!!! How else will you know if you

exist. Take leave of here and with the each passing yer we can take
turns sending you Thank You cards on your birthday. DEAL???

JimmyMac as a graduate of a Jesuit institution (Loyola College) should know
that psychology without philosophy is a waste of time. I am here to give all
of you dumbbells a little philosophy so you won't go out of the world as
ignorant as you came into it.


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