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Default slow progress

doobrie wrote:
managed my first 10 mile ride today which isnt a great distance but is
first time ive done it since being back on a bike ... 49 mins making
approx 12 miles an hour average

YES! Well done matey
12mph was about my average over the Manc to Black run - not great but it
got me there in the end. Next year I hope to do it much quicker.

and iirc, it's weigh in this morning? - hope that goes okay too!

probably had another couple miles left in the tank but increasing slow n
steady so stuck to the plan ... will do another couple of slightly
smaller rides in the week and going for 12-15 miles next weekend
depending how im feeling

Sounds like a plan but try for the 15, I don't think 2 miles will make
all that much more difference. Unless they're up hill of course



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