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Joy Beeson
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The Saturday before last, I found myself on Market Street on my way
from Paws 'n Claws to the Old Jail, and stopped to measure the mayor's
beloved "buffered bike lane".

From the left edge of the left fogline of the buffer to the edge of
the pavement is 71" -- an inch shy of six feet.

The buffer is 27" and the bike lane itself is 47"

By coincidence, I found a baffling old slip of notes dated "Sat May"
with no day or year. Couldn't be later than 2019 because I spent time
in both farmers' markets. I'm striving to remember what "G.S.", where
I stopped four times and spent money twice, might concievably be.

It says I measured the "bike lane" on Smith Street at 69", including
8" for two foglines, at the entrance to the fairgrounds, and at 54",
again including 8" of stripes, in front of the farmers' market.

Joy Beeson
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