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Default Trek Domaine Frame Size

I've been riding Trek road bikes for about thirty years. The right size for me is 52 CM. I am looking for a 7 or 8 speed road bike to put on a trainer in my garage. I tried a Domaine. It seems clear to me that the front triangle is smaller than other Trek road bikes I've ridden, and it's too cramped for me. Does anyone have any insight on why Trek did this? Why would they make a road bike with a shorter top tube? At least, I assume that's why it's more cramped. Perhaps it's for people with shorter arms or upper torsos.

I worked very hard to be a Cat 5 racer many years ago and was not successful at all. So, I'm not looking for a high-end bike for a trainer. I've pondered whether using a mountain bike would provide the basic fitness I want or is that not going to tranlsate into the fitness I need for riding my Madone? MTBs seem to be much more common than 52 CM road bikes. I've tried sites like Gear Trade and Bicycle Blue Book and not found what I want yet. Thanks.

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