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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

On Nov 1, 5:38*pm, "Edward Dolan" wrote:
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On Oct 30, 6:45 pm, "Edward Dolan" wrote:

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On Oct 29, 11:37 pm, "Edward Dolan" wrote:

A hermit is still a member of the society in which resides if he shares
anything in common with such members.

Biomass of like genetic material and chemical composition do not a

member of society make. No matter what kind of spin you attempt put
on this, a hermit voluntarily lives in solitude disenfranchised from
society. Being a member of society inherently presupposes an
association with community. Troglodyes simply do not qualify!

It is all about a shared culture and has next to nothing to do with
genetics. It is why American Blacks are Americans and NOT Africans. The
African American is moronic. American Black or American Negro is much more
The sound you just heard was my point whizzing over your head. *I

state the genetics has nothing to do with being a member of society.
How hard did you struggle to misconstrue what I wrote before
reiterating the concept which obviously escaped your poor powers of

Then why mention "biomass of like genetic material and chemical
composition"? I was always only talking about culture in relation to what
constitutes a society.

Man you are D E N S E !!! It is as if English were your second
language. Allow me to translate (English to dumbed down English) for
you. When I stated that biomass of like genetic material and chemical
composition [in and of itself] does not a member of society make, it
should have been obvious that this is about all that a hermit has in
common with other members of a society that they choose not to
actively associate with. In effect, what I was saying is that it
takes more than biomass of like genetic material and chemical
composition to be a card carrying member of society. Got it now

If being a member of society is about sharing culture and

hermits do not participate in and/or share in communal culture,
preferring an insular lifestyle of solitude, they consciously reject
the very society that they allegedly are part of, but you just fail to
comprehend what is a very elementary concept.

Wow! Are you sure you ever took any courses in sociology or anthropology.
For God's sakes, if you are even sharing a language you are basically
sharing everything. Hermits share culture just as much if not more than
those who are active socially. If that were not true, how the hell would we
even be able to communicate with one another.
I understand you quite well and you me. That is because we share a common

Classic logical fallacy (non sequitor) ... stating, as a conclusion,
something that does not strictly follow from the premise. Sharing a
language is not basically sharing everything. Just because we can
communicate in a common language and were born into the same culture,
ti doew not logically follow that we then must both be members of
society since one of us is a professed hermit . A hermit is estranged
from society, disenfranchised from the group as a whole ... a non-
participant by choice who embraces a life of solitude. The very
definition of hermit precludes grounds for debate and that's that on
that. No matter what kind of spin you put on this, it is what it is.


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