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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

"marika" wrote in message

"Edward Dolan" wrote in message

Either leave them in full or go **** yourself!

Can I do both. Why does it have to be in the alternative.

No, you can't do both. You are only good for ****ing since you do not have
any brains at all.

You seem to have a constipation of the mind.

It's yet somehow better than the condition you suffer from, which is no
mind whatsoever, which is what I generally pay, vis a vis you, except when
totally bored and need some amusement from the circus freak

Sure, but we both know that you are nothing but a ****ing female and only
good for that one thing. Why even pretend that you have a mind - which of
course you don't.

Why not make yourself useful and tell us what this lester-mosley **** is
all about?

I'll say what I have said a billion times.
He's a young man who lives in Roanoke.
what else would you like to know.

I would like to know why he is legend, you god damn dumb ****ing female!


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