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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

"marika" wrote in message

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news[email protected] com...

Tom Sherman, to his credit, has never kill filed me - or anyone else
either as far as I know. He is almost as Great as I am.

In order for you to say such things about Tom (including all the other
things that you have said about him in the other posts) with any
confidence, I'd say you are his sock.

Mr. Sherman and I have a perfect understanding of one another - which is
more than I can say for you and I.

While I enjoy reading Tom's posts, can't contribute to much he says.
Unfortunately I can talk only about transportation and its ills generally
rather than bikes specifically, because I can't drive never mind bike.
Consequently, I will take my chances at poking fun at you instead

Good luck on that! However, I highly recommend that you acquire some wit
before you emabark on a project that is clearly over your head.

Why can't you drive or bike? Are you crippled in body as well as mind?

Who can withstand My Greatness? Wanting to be nice and receive favorable
comments mark you as the dumb female that you are.

You are right about your attitudes about females. Which is exactly Sarah
Palin's problem, already running for election in 2012. The bumper stickers
are already out. No idea what she doesn't know, and how many people truly
revile her.

Try to model yourself after the Virgin Mary. After you have done that, there
will be plenty of time to talk about Sarah Palin. But just for the record, I
like Sarah. She is my kind of gal! It is that ****ing Hillary that I can't


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