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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

"marika" wrote in message

"Edward Dolan" wrote in message
news:[email protected] com...

Mr. Sherman and I have a perfect understanding of one another - which is
more than I can say for you and I.

Thank you for that information. Is there a webinar I can attend to learn
more about this

Just read the archives of ARBR on Google Groups for the past 5 years and
that alone will be enough to make you wish you had never been born.

While I enjoy reading Tom's posts, can't contribute to much he says.
Unfortunately I can talk only about transportation and its ills
generally rather than bikes specifically, because I can't drive never
mind bike.
Consequently, I will take my chances at poking fun at you instead

Good luck on that! However, I highly recommend that you acquire some wit
before you emabark on a project that is clearly over your head.

Why can't you drive or bike? Are you crippled in body as well as mind?

I can't see well enough

Even so, you are not blind are you would not be pestering me on Usenet. Just
get some glasses for driving and all will be well. Half the idiots here in
Minnesota who are driving motor vehicles seem to be blind if you ask me!

Try to model yourself after the Virgin Mary. After you have done that,
there will be plenty of time to talk about Sarah Palin. But just for the
record, I like Sarah. She is my kind of gal! It is that ****ing Hillary
that I can't stand!

but Sarah Palin is nothing like the Virgin Mary. Plus which according to
your rules about females, she is too feeble to be in politics

Sarah is fine with me. She is a normal female who puts her family above
everything else. Who could ask for anything more. I would trust her with my
life which in the end is what politics comes down to.


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