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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

On Oct 24, 1:54*pm, "Edward Dolan" wrote:
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On Oct 23, 6:42 pm, "Edward Dolan" wrote:
Tom Sherman is so close to being rational that it is a shame that he can
claim what is rightfully his. Liberalism (socialism-communism) was a
dream. It has never worked and it never will because it goes against our
human natures. Marx and Engels were most woefully wrong. The Soviet
experiment in Russia was the the most serious social experiment ever in
history of mankind and it failed. I urge Tom Sherman to give up on those
dreams. All collective solutions ultimately fail.

A pure Conservatism (individualism) is as much an abomination as is a
Liberalism (collectivism). Imagine the absurdity of living in society
without taking into account the matrix of society itself which binds us
together. **** all extremisms all the way to Hell and back! They are all
totally insane.

I am an individual, but I am also part of society. And so are we all.

Your past posts betray you and contradict this very notion, so you can
spare the readership your bull****. *You are a self-professed,
misanthropic recluse who has embraced the secluded solitude of an
insular lifestyle. *Disenfranchised from reality, you are a socially
detached hermit by choice. *Internet forums serve as ersatz social
interaction that only momentarily disrupts your otherwise self-
sequestered isolation. *Without the lifeblood of the Usenet newsgroup
audience to sustain you, you have nothing and are nothing. *Your
worthless, rehashed, regurgitated posts are a callous waste of
Internet bandwidth, server CPU cycles and archival disk storage.
Fortunately, once your have departed, your monotonous, vitriolic,
scatological harangues will be relegated to the status of cyber-

You don't have to be a party animal to be part of society. All you have to
do is reside in that society.

Balderdash ... poppycock ... being part and parcel of society
inherently presupposes an association with a community of others an
affiliation which, by your own admission, you firmly reject., so you
cut the crap.

This means that we must have at least some minimum consideration for the

And we can expect this from you ... WHEN, pray tell???

Tom Sherman is not so much wrong in his liberalism as he is off on his
emphasis. There is an eternal conflict between the individual and the

Heed your own words. *The "eternal conflict with the collective" can
readily be interpreted as your conflict with the newsgroup collective
(members), particularly ARBR. *Nice self-portrait though, by the way.

We must meet in the middle if we are to survive. All the
conflicts of society are really internal to ourselves. I want to meet in
middle, but not Tom Sherman. It is why I feel sorry for him. He is so
yet so far.

Tom Sherman needs to recognize that there is a place in society for the
individual. If he cannot do this, then he is a nut case. We all of us
our individualism, but we also feel our social selves as well. We belong
only to ourselves, but to the society of which we are members.

When do you intend to practice what you preach???

We are eternally at war with ourselves and with our society.

You are eternally at war with ARBR members ... particularly Tom

All of the above is Sociology 101, but there are none so ignorant as
who do not know any better. It is only a liberal arts education that
any insight into these eternal conflicts.

A liberal arts education and/or course in sociology is not required.
This is simple common sense ... something which you either lack or
refuse to exercise.

Tom Sherman continues to preach the virtues of the collective
(liberalism-socialism-communism) without due regard for the virtues of the
individual. He is your typical liberal asshole, but should know better.
Hells Bells, even Communist China has come around to acknowledging the
importance of the individual.

Diversion duly noted. In response to what I said (wrote) what
relevance is this tangential issue? Try to stay focused, if at all


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