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Mark Janeba
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Hi Matt
Bike tools Etc sells 100 small Ream for a very reasonable price ~$15.
I do believe that they have a shelf life, although I don't know what it
is. I've been hesitating to buy 100 because of this.

I'm on my second or third 100-box of Rema patches (it's been quite a few
years). They work pretty much the same now as when new.

One annoyance: In the latest box I bought (probably 15 years ago), the
foil peels off before the cellophane. (From the day I got the box) I
just catch a corner with a fingernail and peel away; it leaves an
annoying (but harmless) munged part on the edge of the patch.

Does anyone know if this is a common problem with Rema patches? I don't
remember it from the last box (but after 15 years, memory fades).

As for "glue" or vulcanizing fluid - I tried buying that in bulk, and it
definitely did NOT have shelf life. Now I go to a dept. store and buy
the cheapest patch kits I can, about $1.50, pitch the patches and use
the glue. I think I'm still far ahead overall in the cost of patching

Mark Janeba


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