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Default Reputable e-trike supplier around Sydney?

In aus.bicycle on Fri, 19 Oct 2018 12:02:31 -0000 (UTC)
news18 wrote:
Ddoes any one know of any?

After a bit of webn searching, it seems there might be one in Sydney and
the next is in Canberra.

Just about all the trikes are cheap chinese made and no one actually has
any in stock, plus none of them are electrice. So atm it looks like
purchasea a trike unseen($1K-2K) and pruchase an electric conversion
($1.5K-$2.5K) and take a chance that they are compatible.

I bought a Greenspeed over the phone more or less from Greenspeed in

I took it to Sydney Electric bikes for a conversion kit. Just after I
bought the kit the manufacturer Bionx went bust but so far the thing
is performing wonderfully.

It has a torque sensor so it reacts to my pedalling unlike the cheaper
ones which just provide power no matter how hard or gently you want to
go. SEB may still have some in stock who knows...

I bought the Greenspeed because I'd ridden several trikes but GS were
the only ones who made one small enough for me, the others would all
have had to be modified. The GT20 is also very adjustable. (Plus
fast and well handling and folds).

The guy at St Ives (who is I guess the one in Sydney) does do
conversions so he'll know what fits what.

There's a lot of trike variety so think about what you want. Folding?
Suspension? 26" rear wheel? Mesh seat? Hard seat with padding?

Where are you located? If in or nearish to any capital other than
Darwin or Adelide then there are people in the recumbents forum on who can probably help with test rides
of different trikes so you can get a feel. GS may do a try before you
buy deal, ring them and ask.

You can also ask on there about different trike types, you'll get
plenty of opinions about seats and suspension and wheel size.

If you mean upright trikes rather than recumbent ones, then you can spend
a few hundred on a Goumier which is a perfectly good trike and then get a
front hub kit for it. I have one in my garage (it belongs to my mother)
and it's fine. Simple job to fit it or you can get one already done
from Sydney Electric Bikes or pretty well any electric kit retailer like
Solar in Freo. If you want fancier then talk to Glow Worm in Sydney
who can sell you one of the Ezee ones. MOre expensive cos the bike's
better quality and the battery is fancier. The Ezee upright trike is
built as an item not as a bike + kit. (Others sell it but I know Glow
Worm and trust their customer service)

Depending on why you want a trike maybe a 3 wheeled cargo bike like


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