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On 4/16/2019 9:28 PM, James wrote:
On 17/4/19 1:17 am, wrote:

Having actually raced professionally (or
semi-professionally as you
like - I wasn't being paid - just given equipment) I know
exactly how
to corner and so am MUCH faster than most people. But I
don't drive
dangerously as most people do because I know the results
of being
stupid on anything that moves.

I didn't realise I could claim that I'd raced even
semi-professionally until you mentioned that all it takes is
that you're given equipment. Count me in!

Still, I've raced & trained with paid professional cyclists,
and most of them are faster than me descending around corners.

I got a free sticker at the NY bike show once.
(professional commuter)

Andrew Muzi
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