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Default Ultegra shifter problem

On Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 2:10:00 PM UTC-7, gary wrote:
i have a problem with my shifter that started at the end of last fall
that i think i know what the problem is but am looking for

bike is about 7 years old with ultegra 6500 shifters.

the issue is with my right shifter (i.e. back cassette) when i shift
into a higher gear (i.e. smaller cog). the shift works ok but when i
eventually want to shift back to a lower gear and swipe the large
lever for the next lowest gear it does not "catch". i have to swipe
the large levere all the way (to the left) before it will catch and i
can feel resistance on the shifter. at that point i can hit the
shifter to shift to the next lowest gear. i'm guessing (hoping) that
it is just cable slack that i can adjust.

does this sound just like the cable has to be tighten (?) by adjusting
the knob near the rear derailleur?


It happened to me with a bike I bought on CL. The shifter combo cost four times what I payed for the bike so the lube trick was the best option. it worked our really good.

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