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Default Highway Code may include 'Dutch reach' to keep cyclists safe

On 20/10/2018 06:50, Bod wrote:
On 19/10/2018 22:42, JNugent wrote:
On 19/10/2018 06:54, Bod wrote:
On 19/10/2018 00:00, JNugent wrote:
On 18/10/2018 19:05, Bod wrote:
Measures to help protect cyclists, including encouraging people to
adopt the "Dutch reach", are expected to be included in the new
Highway Code.

The method of opening a car door using the hand furthest from the
handle forces drivers to turn and look behind them for passing

The code will also give updated guidance on how to avoid the
dangers of close overtaking of cyclists.

Cycling UK said the move was a major step for cycle safety.

This is getting silly. If people can't be trusted to check for
cyclists before they open a car door, then those drivers/passengers
need educating in basic observance.

How would you propose to do that in the case of passengers?

Ban them from being carried in motor vehicles unless they meet your
¬* I was talking rhetorically,

OK, but is that likely to be successful?

but some things can be done to try to make people think and look
before opening a car door.

Such as...?

¬*¬*Tv/newspapers¬* etc , like the Green Cross Code safety showings and
the railway crossing safety info short videos.

Well, alright (and it isn't a bad idea), but when was the last time
you saw a PFI on road or rail safety?

Recently they have been warning about the dangers of wearing

headphones whilst cycling and crossing roads etc.

Also, but not related to roads, they warned about the dangers of train

I am glad to hear that the once ubiquitous PFI is not dead, but were
these shown on the main TV channels?

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