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Default AG: Narrow Bike Lanes

On 1/15/2021 10:55 PM, Joy Beeson wrote:
On Sun, 28 Sep 2014 23:56:23 -0300, Joy Beeson

When you are riding in a narrow bike lane and hear a car behind you,
watch until you see it in your rear-view mirror, then reflect that you
are smaller than a car and wait a bit longer. When you are quite sure
that the driver can see you clearly, wobble over the bike-lane line
into his lane, then immediately wobble back to the middle of the bike
lane. When you can see that the driver has selected his route and
decided on how much clearance to give you, move as far toward the edge
of the road as you dare -- that six inches might matter.

A better plan is to ride in the car lane -- either just inside or
straight down the middle, depending on terrain and traffic -- and when
he is close enought to see you, look over your shoulder as if just now
noticing him, then dramatically swerve into the anti-bike lane, not
farther right than in the middle.

Alway be alert for signs that the car might turn right.

I strongly agree with using the general purpose lane. "Release" use of
the lane only if it's safe.

- Frank Krygowski

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