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On Fri, 30 Aug 2013 10:38:37 +0100
Andy Watson wrote:

Cyclists cannot 'speed' (except in Royal Parks, and other places
with' special' legislation).

ITYF the Royal Parks thing has probably been fixed by The Royal Parks
and Other Open Spaces (Amendment) etc. Regulations 2010 which has
changed relevant parts from "vehicles" to "motor vehicles". There may
be local byelaws somewhere that impose speed restrictions on pedal
cycles, but nobody seems to know of any.
There is still the infamous "pedalling furiously" (Offences Against The
Person Act 1861 has been applied to pedal cycles, but there has never
been an actual offence of "pedalling/cycling furiously").
There are specific "dangerous cycling" and "careless and inconsiderate
cycling" offences (Road Traffic Act 1988). Daniel Cadden's is the only
case I can find of the latter (dismissed "no case to answer" on
appeal), and Jason Howard's (death of Rhiannon Bennett) the former.


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