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ben wrote:
Hi all hope you can help me with a small problem im having.
I have a sarecen mtb that im trying to upgrade, as i have been given
some parts from my brothers old bike.
I am wanting to know what chainset i need to match an 8 speed cassete
as my old wheel has only 7. The chainset at the moment is a sr
suntour with shamano cassete. My new rear wheel has a 8 speed cassete
on and i have been given new 8 speed shifters and rear mech. Have
been told i might have to change the chainset at a local bike shop
but not sure if they just want my hard earned cash. Any help would be
greatfully recived, and thanks for your time.

7 and 8-speed chains are virtually the same, sometimes exactly the same,
so you could carry on with the existing chainset if you like. The
chainrings don't know how many cogs are at the back ;-)



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