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ben Wrote:
I have tried the new wheel on the current chainset and it keeps missin
some of the cogs=
on the cassete as the gaps on them are much closer than on the 7spee
cassete. Can i get h=
old of a thiner chain and if so will i then have to get a new crank?
am currently watchin=
g a deore lx hollow tech on ebay at =C2=A310.49, it is from an 8spee
setup and would hav=
e to get a new bb. How do i find out the size and type i would need fo
this setup. My god i re=
member when this was all so easy, you went out, brought a bike and rod
it. Bring back my=
old tuff trax, i never had any problems then.

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If the cassette is an 8 speed then you don't need a new chain (it migh
be advisable to get one if it is a new cassette). As Pete said 7 and
spped are perfetcly compatible, what you'll need to do it adjust th
cable tensioner on the read deraileur. A half turn or so should do i
for you.

As for the chainset, if it is octalink, you'll definitley need a ne
BB, if not, then personally I'd try it with the old BB, and then i
it's too close/far away, I'd get a BB accordingly, it should be fairl
easy to tell what size you actually need if you know the size of th
old BB. 113mm bb's are typical, but there are no standards :-)




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