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On Monday, March 22, 2021 at 10:19:14 PM UTC-5, Joy Beeson wrote:
Sunday, 21 March 2021

Every time I dress for the bike, I think that I'll miss those five
extra pockets when it's warm enough to wear only one jersey.
But what I use the extra pockets for is mostly spare handkerchiefs,
and I won't need so many in warm weather. I vividly remember a spring
when I was coming back from a long ride and was on Wooster Road not
far from the place where it becomes 7th Street. I pulled my
handkerchief out of my pocket, and was startled that it was a brown
napkin: this was the first time that day that I had seen it.


Saturday was a perfect day for an all-day ride, but Duck, Down, and
Above isn't open on weekends. I could have gone on Friday, but I'd
done my very first drive-to-two-grocery-stores-and-go-right-inside
trip on Thursday, and didn't feel up to getting ready. \\

Were these only stores within distance ?
Or did the stores change while you were gone?
what how do you carry the cans or other containers in.


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White House press conference, 2020-02-26, quoted in Jonathan Chait (28 February 2020), "As the World Reaches for Face Masks, Trump Buries His Head in the Sand", New York Magazine


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