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Default Best cycling video ever

soup wrote:
On 25/02/2018 18:53, Simon Jester wrote:
On Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 10:58:57 AM UTC, soup wrote:
On 24/02/2018 14:03, Simon Jester wrote:

I know this is old, but it needs reposting every so often

You think this shows cycling in a good light?

I don't know, does it?

Not in my eyes.

Certainly they are very fit which Mr Pounder will appreciate.

Obviously a private argument going on here

When a motorist goes through a red light it is because the amber
phase was too short or it had only been red for a few seconds. None
of the motor vehicle operators moved aside for faster traffic.
Pedestrians don't pay 'Road Tax'
Motorists have a RIGHT to drive 10%+2mph+10%+2mph above the speed
limit. Motorists only have to give way to pedestrians at junctions when
is convenient.

What's it called when you say "it's all right to do/be X as this other
group does/is worse" ?

Simon seems to be going a bit nuts.
Hell, he now chats to Burke, one of the well known trolls on usenet.
Sad really.
He seems to think that this glorifies cyclists and is dead good. What a


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