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Default 'Death by dangerous cycling' law considered

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And that's it. They are - in general - 'a nuisance'. Car drivers are
danger to themselves and to others.

I have been at risk of injury from many a cyclist, who has gone on to
abuse me
for being in their way. To put it in terms you might use, some of them
vermin who deserve to be hunted down and severly beaten unto the point

" risk of injury..." Huh? Is this worse than the many thousands
that are actually harmed by drivers and their motor vehicles?

You miss the point which is that dealing with errant cyclists need not
dealing with dangerous drivers.

Interesting that you use the words "errant cyclists" and "dangerous
drivers". So at least you recognise some distinction.

It is more the case that my writing style precludes repetition of words.

Dangerous drivers are wholly irrelevant when
it comes to pedestrian safety from cyclists.

But please note that I did not use the expression "dangerous drivers".
Most pedestrians are not harmed by dangerous drivers - in law. The
casualty statistics happen to show the danger of drivers and their motor
vehicles is ever present. It is not irrelevant.

By and large people take it upon themselves not to get run over by a
motor vehicle and don't put any burden on the driver. Whereas they
expect the cyclist to make all the effort. It is easy to observe or

I don't think that is a fair summation of the facts. Pedestrians do take
when crossing roads; such a preventative course of conduct is instilled
us from a very early age. However, a pedestrian is under no obligation to
care when walking on a footpath because the footpath is reserved for the use
the pedestrian alone. Further, it is much easier to see and hear an
approaching car than it is a speeding cyclist.

I recall one occasion when crossing the road, the light was green for
pedestrians and I was hit by a cylist who failed to stop whom I simply did
see. He flew off his bike, landing in the road in a heap, and was lucky
he didn't injure me. Once I had ascertained that he had not succeeded in
scratching my cowboy boot, I continued on my way and left him to the
ministrations of a sympathetic female.

I can recall other such occasions when I have almost been hit by a cyclist
did not respect a red light. On the other hand, there is only one incident
can recall when I was almost hit by a car whose driver ignored a red light.
Although I always take care, the fact is that cyclists are far more likely
think that they are not obliged to stop for a red light and the burden is


Yes, I agree! Many times when I have been stopped at traffic lights, I see
cyclists continuing straight through!!!

How the hell some cars miss them I don't know. Guess who would be in
trouble if they did get hit by a car?

The creators of Monkey Dust understood such people:


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