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Default 'Death by dangerous cycling' law considered

On 16/08/18 22:54, Yitzhak Isaac Goldstein wrote:
In uk.politics.misc TMS320 wrote:
On 16/08/18 12:27, Incubus wrote:
On 2018-08-16, TMS320 wrote:

However, a pedestrian is under no obligation to take care when walking
on a footpath because the footpath is reserved for the use of the
pedestrian alone. Further, it is much easier to see and hear an
approaching car than it is a speeding cyclist.


And meanwhile ... 2 people killed by cyclists, 1,698 killed by car drivers.

But cyclists are 'the menace'.

The cognitive dissonance screams to the ****ing heavens.

It is notable that cyclists are always "speeding" - unless a driver is
waiting to overtake. Drivers unfailingly underestimate their speed and
consider 30mph to be "hardly moving" yet people always overestimate the
speed of a cyclist, eg, what the eye witness estimates as 25mph will be
15mph an so on. It seems that cycling at any speed that is faster than
the observer (pedestrian or driver stuck in traffic) - even seen at a
distance - is "dangerous".

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