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Kurgan Gringioni a réfléchi, et puis a déclaré :
Dumbasses -

Their goal was to have Basso challenge LANCE for the jersey.

Good plan considering his ride last year and what he displayed in the
Giro this year.

Problem is, now how hard do they defend Zabriskie's jersey? If they
use up the team defending it, it makes it harder for them to protect
Basso later on.

Zabriskie's got a fat lead over everyone but LANCE.

It's a good problem to have, I suppose.


K. Gringioni.

Unless a strong contender gets in the breaks over the next few, flat days,
there is no motivation for CSC to actively defend anything. Bunch finishes,
all the way to Germany. No time lost, no jersey strongly defended, no

But that's the modern tour, yes ?
Bonne route !

Vreneuil-sur-Seine FR


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