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"sonarrat" a écrit dans le message de news:
| Tim Mullin wrote:
| "Kurgan Gringioni" wrote in
| Problem is, now how hard do they defend Zabriskie's jersey?
| They don't have to. It's flat up to the TTT. The sprinter's teams will
| it all together until then.
| What sprinters' teams? Fassa Bortolo and T-Mobile are the strong
| sprinters' teams, and they left their sprinters at home. Cancellara
| says he wants to get the jersey.. but he won't get it from bonus seconds
| in sprints. Even Petacchi couldn't manage that from his current position.
| Lotto, CA and FDJ are not remarkably great at controlling the peloton.

How would you know? They never have to thanks to Fassa; but I'm sure they're
up to the task. QSD and LOT may not be able to set up a train like Fassa,
but they will have no problem reeling in a break to give Boonen and McEwen
their shot. Plus, they'll have CSC doing the early work to keep any break
from getting too far out to reel back in.


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