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Default A March on Washington... on Bicycle?

The ape and the hyena disagree in the perspective of the jungle. Of
course, hyenas are predators without a creative mind. Probably the
same difference as bicyclists and nonbicyclists.

Originally Posted by SingingSabre
"I'm holding my tongue...proverbially.

As to the topic at hand, most US residents don't see cyclocommuting as
a viable form of transportation. For Obama to mention it would have
probably hurt his cause, and ours. Grassroots work is the only way to
get that out...either that or get the car companies to endorse it, at
least as far as I can tell without racking my food-starved brain for
more creative ideas."

I don't see his endorsement would be bad for cycling since most
Republicans don't commute by bicycle anyway.

It would certainly lead to more ridership among the young and
minorities --his power base.

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