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Default I am convinced bicycling is not safe

(Hey, somebody is reading this, right? Deep study of human behavior is
taking place)

To know human society... poke with a stick at an ant colony

I often think of myself as a monkey poking a stick at an ant colony to
observe its behavior. Well, there's a science that comes from that
observation, which can answer fundamental questions about humanity...

"We can not know where we are going unless we know where we came from"
-E.O. Wilson

"Wilson came to believe that humans, like ants, are genetically
designed to live within natural limits. It is becoming increasingly
obvious that those limits are directly related to reduced energy use
and consumption of natural resources, family planning, and cooperation
among societies, rather than competition."


But I think big Ed is more interested in roaches than ants...

Originally Posted by jfmckenna
"I always preferred the magnifying glass to the stick."

The stick is meant to cause some kind of reaction. When observing
roaches though I change the stick for the shoe.

Roaches show me that they operate in the dark and that they like to
eat anything. And they are more individualistic than cooperative ants.
Perhaps ants show leftist tendencies while roaches show Republican


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