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Default A March on Washington... on Bicycle?

Originally Posted by cyclezealot
"A Swedish exchange student , who came to my high school. He was
Lutheran and quite conservative.. Been a life long friend outside
Goteborg. When in the US years ago, he railed against the Swedish
Socialists... Well, his primary college education.. Foreign languages
and export. Job training did not take. They paid him to again go back
to school.. He found his vocation.. He's been paying Swedish taxes
ever since. After seeing the poverty of America and how his friends
here faired.. He no longer rails against Swedish socialists."


I choose a name for my revolution (besides banana)... HUMANISM.

It's about being human, not left or right. But the right seems to have
it wrong too often. And the left often does nothing. Here's some
highlights of the article on the post-partisan politician... a
"Republican" by the name of Schwarzzenegger.

"I said, There's a storehouse of experience up in Sacramento and look
at the shape the state is in. So it couldn't be experience that makes
the state in good shape. What it needs is the will. The will to go and
make tough decisions and the right decisions. I have the will, is what
I told the people. And that's exactly what I have. I have the will."

"It was a party-line vote in the California Assembly --all Democrats
voting yes and every single member of his party, the Republicans,
voting no --and yes, the bill that was passed proposed paying for the
expansion of health-care insurance by increasing the state tax on

"And then, on Wednesday, Bush. Well, Bush's EPA, which announced that
it would not permit California and sixteen other states to set their
own stringent standards for greenhouse-gas emissions. The bill that
had stood as the best example of what Arnold could do for the United
States from the state of California had been declared moot by an
administration that had been able to do so little for the United
States from Washington, D.C."

Prosperity in Frugality

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