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Default A March on Washington... on Bicycle?

Originally Posted by Americo
I once lived in a suburb that decided to put walk/bike paths along
every street in the city. They were wider than most sidewalks and they
painted a line seperating the bikes from the pedestrians. The only
drawback was that the project uprooted too many trees - but, still, I
thought it was a splendid idea.


Where I live I can't ride to 70% of the places I would if I had bike
facilities. There's only a new scenic trail that takes me close to
some shops and I can take the back streets to the supermarket. But the
main roads are no man's land, and I have been threatened and
terrorized for using my right to be on the road.

That would have been my contribution to fight greed, injustice,
terrorism and global warming but my right to survive takes preference
in the jungle.
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" -M.L. King

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