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Default Wireless Electric Shifting

Tom Kunich a écrit profondement:

| On Monday, July 10, 2017 at 9:22:37 AM UTC-7, Davey Crockett wrote:
| Bring it on
| It won't be long before somebody figures out how to make a pocket
| size emitter to change a target rider's gear ratios on the fly.
| Two buttons should be enough. One "Up" for changing into the
| sprinting gear at a critical stage on a steep climb and one "Down"
| for dumpng the ****** into the Crawler in the sprint.
| A deluxe model could probably replicate the action for a whole
| squad,

| Encoding the wireless gear changers is already done so that one rider
| shifting doesn't interfere with another in the peloton. These codes
| can be so long that there would be no way of breaking them down to use
| against a rider.

That's a pity

It could be fun

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