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Default A March on Washington... on Bicycle?

(notice the revolution is for nonviolent monkeys)

Originally Posted by BarracksSi

Simply "being televised" doesn't help.

It's the perception of what gets televised that's the important part.

Think about it -- what would you do in front of a TV camera that
would, say, make your girlfriend's parents proud?

A bunch of people screwing around in front of a national audience
isn't going to do cycling any favors. Even if it's "only a few bad
apples messing it up for everyone", what matters is what kind of
behavior actually makes it onto a news clip.

The problem you'd encounter is that the louder, more obnoxious
hooligans will draw more attention. That's just the way it is.

Now, what are you going to do to control the group's image? Remember,
not only would there be some TV crews tagging along now and then, but
also scores of people outside the media armed with cell phone cameras
and the ability to publish to Youtube even before they return home.

You're going to have to exercise very tight image control, with
prepared statements, guidelines for riding behavior, designated
representatives, and possibly even the active exclusion & expulsion of
troublemakers. And, you'll have to do this with a group big enough to
land a few inches' worth of article space in USA Today.

Think it can be done? Will you do it right, or not?


I'm well aware of your concerns. I witnessed such anarchic behavior in
the Free Trade Summit of the Americas in Miami, some years back. I was
nice and organized able to hand out my flyers, even to the police, and
the cop saying, "This in nice!" (he read the story below).

But the wild monkeys chose to clash with the police. You know what, I
think it was the same police. You must understand that the lion needs
the monkey to be stupid and violent...

Once upon a time, in the deep jungle, lived a Lion and a Monkey... One
day the Monkey, tired of the Lion always taking the LION'S SHARE, and
seeing that such injustice represented a danger to all, demanded
JUSTICE... The Lion, yawning and stretching, said, "You would have to
have paws and sharp teeth..." Then the Monkey, who was very clever,
devised a plan: He would go to the costume store, and look like a

When the HUNGRY LION saw him, noticing that the new lion wasn't a
match for him, and fearing COMPETITION, killed him on the spot --
before the indifferent look of the little animals of the jungle... And
that's how the Law of the Jungle was re-established one more time...
(NOTE: Other monkeys survived him...)


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