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Default like M.L. King?

(my answer below)

Originally Posted by BarracksSi

I should address this, too:

You may think so, but if you're going to lead it, you have to take

Too many of these things lack a leader -- a face that the public can
attach to the cause. You need someone who can speak to the likes of
Tom Brokaw and address the inevitable counterpoints from the guy on
the other side of the split screen during the interview. You need
someone that the entire group can rally behind and will respect.

The instant you say, "I can't be personally responsible for what every
crackpot does," it's finished. Kaput. That will be the phrase that
knocks you off the high wire. That's the picture of Dukakis wearing a
tank driver's helmet or Howard Dean's velociraptor-like screech.

*add-on again* A leader, someone just like M.L. King.

But, please, don't equate the incredible efforts of Dr. King with any
cycling advocate. I've never even heard of a cyclist getting hung from
a tree and set on fire.


Back at that time blacks were denied equal access to buses, the way we
are denied equal access to roads. Actually I rather live with being
segregated on a road and having BIKE LANES, than with being killed on
a road as a result of reckless drivers and indifferent authorities.

beneficiaries of safe bike lanes would be blacks and other minorities.

As for the leader... WHAT DO WE HAVE OBAMA FOR?

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