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Default A March on Washington... on Bicycle?

In article ,
KingOfTheApes writes:
Well, since the revolution will not be motorized, it makes sense that
we go to Washington on Inauguration Day not on cars or buses, but on
bikes. And like the minority president that we inaugurate, we are also
the victim of discrimination and abuse.

I think we can ride the winds of change, making sure that we don't
escape the Democratic Party radars that seems to focus on "alternative
technologies," and yet fail to detect the most basic, cheap, and
democratic vehicle ever created. It even makes sense in light of the
deep economic crisis since there's "no dinero" ($$$) to fund such
alternative vehicles.

A while back you started a thread titled "I saw Critical Mass".
Here's a blast from your past:

In article ,
KingOfTheApes writes:
and didn't like what I saw.

What a hypocrite, talking through yer hat.

If you're going to run a disinformation campaign, you should
at least learn to cover your tracks. You're not only a
hypocrite, you're incompetent as well. Then again, that's
what I like about disinformationists -- they're so readily
identifiable. "By their fruits shall ye know them."

I'm leaving from Miami, and you?

Keep heading east. Always, ever east.
Second star on the right, straight on 'til morning.

And by the way, there's lots of money with which to fund
transportation, booze, cigarettes, The War on Drugs,
the penal system, international affairs, Christmas &c.

There's not so much money with which to fund residential
construction, 'cuz developers/investors cut their noses off
to spite their faces by "dynamically" financing their
developments as they go along and build. Bottom falls out
of the real estate market, the bubble bursts, and now
there's much bitter wailing and gnashing of teeth.


Shove your disinformation where the moon don't shine.

I'm on you like **** on a blanket.

Nothing is safe from me.
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