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Tom Keats
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Default A March on Washington... on Bicycle?

In article ,
"Edward Dolan" writes:

"Tom Keats" wrote in message
In article ,
"Edward Dolan" writes:

Tom Keats and I are both a bit eccentric at times,

Speak for yourself.

but we are not a poor
crazy loon like ComandanteBanana.

Speak for yourself.

Frankly, he is more to be pitied than

No, he is to definitely condemnable.

Let us be thankful if we still have our wits about us.

Yes, let us gird our loins with our wits.

Tom Keats is a Canadian, but I won't hold it against him unless he brings it
up. There is nothing wrong with being a poor cousin to Americans.

Our banking system is more resilient than yours.


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