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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

On Nov 12, 9:24*pm, "Edward Dolan" wrote:
"JimmyMac" wrote in message

On Nov 12, 7:51 pm, "Edward Dolan" wrote:

Unlike JimmyMac, I was never stupid enough to think computers were

I'm not the one who asserted that computers were unimportant in his

life and could be lived without. *I knew you couldn't stand *by what
you said. *You often can't. *I new you couldn't pull the plug. *Like I
said before ... T O T A L * B U L L S H I T !!!!!

You ought to know by now that I will NEVER do anything that will convenience
you. If and when I do whatever I do, it will be for my convenience only. Now
go take your poor old longsuffering hound dogs for a walk and quit bothering
the honorable members of these distinguished newsgroups.

This is precisely why you cannot and will not pull the plug ...
because, despite what you indicated, it is inconvenient for you to do
so. You asserted that computers were unimportant in your life and
could be lived without which is obviously untrue. Pulling the plug
would not be a convenience to me but rather an inconvenience for you
and a godsend to the members of the newsgroups that you infest.


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