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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

"JimmyMac" wrote in message
On Nov 15, 9:34 pm, "Edward Dolan" wrote:
You wouldn't last a single year as a hermit

Irrelevant ... since, as previously stated SEVERAL TIMES, I have no

such inclination.

whereas I have lived the past 40 years pretty much as a hermit. That takes

Delusion is such a comfort. As is often the case, our conclusion does

not strictly follow from your premise. Do not misconstrue living a
voluntary cloistered, estranged life with fantacized greatness.

You need to give the hermit's life a chance. Leave your wife and dogs. Then
go to Montana and live in a shack in the mountains for 5 years by yourself
with little or no contact with others. If you can do that, you will have
proven to me that you can be a hermit like me. Then you can have a name like
mine too ... Jim McNamara the Great!


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